September ’17 Reading Bingo


Its that time where I try to challenge myself since I am getting back into reading now that my book Hangover is gone. Any suggestions are welcomed and some I may take to Twitter and have ya’ll help choose my next one!

Created on September 13, 2017

Reread Something:
Fairy Tale Retelling:
Written a century ago:
One “Everyone” but you has read:
One with a great first line:
One with a number in the title:
A book with more than 500 pages:
One suggested by a friend:
A book that became a movie:
A mystery:
Read a book you started but never finished:
A forgotten classic:
One that is more than 10 years old:
With a one-word title:
On the current best sellers list:
Written by someone under 30:
By a female author:
A book someone recommends to you
From your TBR Pile:
One you currently own but never read:  This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab   9/16/2017
One you heard about online:
A book published this year:
A Dystopian:
One you (should have) read in high school:

Bingo Recommended Buys by Others:


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