Soul Siphon

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review

My Thoughts on……

Characters ★★★★

Drygo, King of Sunbury, from even the beginning you see the struggle and the heartbreak at the loss of his Queen. his wife. But almost in the same moments you see him pull through it only to save his kingdom he ruled over. My only problem is I still feel like I don’t know him, I understand more about why the diamond was so important but I don’t feel close to the characters like I usually do. Maybe in the first novel to come?

Plot ★★★★
The story begins with a king in mourning the loss of his wife, even though his kingdom is now under attack. When his general finally convinces him to get up and fight with them to protect it, he does pull himself back together and then basically kicks everyone’s butts. Including going head to head with his adversary and then sneaking into the kingdom that attacked him, with their king. I believe this is the beginning of a great story line, but I feel at a loss that more could have been written. I do not feel like I am losing out completely if I pick it up tomorrow or a year from now. Although I would like to know what is coming next.

Writing/ Pacing ★★★★
This book as short as it was opened up a window as what could possibly come out of his book that is coming soon. His words flowed together and the story itself is packed with tons of action, rivalries and also magic.

Why Should you Read/Not Read this Book?

Currently you can buy this book on Amazon kindle for 0.00. From the very beginning it kind pulls at your feels, although there isn’t as much detail and it isn’t as long as I would like. Its great for a short read but even though I am not in a hurry I am curious as to how he is going to play on this new found magic of soul siphoning.

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