The Designer

I was given this book by Amazon Publishing, which is a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. Thank You!


The Designer

My Thoughts on……

Characters ★★★★★

Copper Reilly in my opinion was a really amazing character. She started out really unsure of herself from years of being in a one sided loveless marriage with a cheating spouse, until she finally got tired of it. Only to befriend Christian and he helps her and she becomes a reporter in the 1940s in a time of war in France. I really loved how in the book you actually got to see and feel just how much she grew. I was really pissed when she called off her wedding to Henry because frankly I was rooting for them along the way. She made it up to me in the end though.

Christian Dior seems at first to be this really shy designer who is completely happy to be in the background working for someone else. He turns out to be an awesome friend to Copper and a numerous others and I kinda think he helps keep Copper grounded when she feels she is losing control.

Amory Reilly, honestly what can I say. He is … I have nothing nice to say about him, but I do like how the author really helped you to see him how Copper saw him.

Henry, was absolutely perfect for Copper, he brought out all my feels.

And Lastly, Suzy. I get it, I do think the relationship between her and Copper was widely confusing for both me and the character, but it did make me wonder which way she would go.

Plot ★★★★★

The book starts out in the early 1940s with Copper who had come to France in the middle of war, (Nazi’s, Hitler, etc) and meets and befriends this french designer named Christian Dior, who only wants to make her the perfect dress. Yes, the same one that designs dresses and perfumes and still has stores even now. Despite her husbands infidelities she stays, because she loves him, until one day she realizes she can no longer stay with him and be happy. After securing lodgings and figuring out what she will do and moving in with Christian she files for a divorce and he leaves! Woot! She wants and proceeds to write human interest stories and enters the fashion world and wants to fly and no longer commit to any one thing.
But then… she meets Henry, albeit when he is paying her for a commissioned article and wanting her to write for their magazine permanently, which she refuses and just wants to freelance to get her the freedom she so desires throughout the book. We get to see Christian Dior’s rise to fame through someone else’s eyes: Copper’s who helps push and support him along the way and rooting for her being able to learn to love again.

Writing/ Pacing ★★★★★

The writing… AMAZING, I had so much fun reading this book, the writing just flowed seamlessly and every detail just brings the world and the characters to life. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what will happen next, and not just with the designer: Christian, but also with Copper and Suzy and Pearl and any number of the rest of them. The research was expertly weaved and actually made me google some parts to be sure it actually really happened.

Why Should you Read/Not Read this Book?

Surprisingly I passed up this book last month as a Amazon Kindle First read. Now I am so blown away by it I can’t believe I even did that. The author did an amazing job mixing fiction with enough non-fiction that I had trouble keeping the two apart. Had to Google some of the things to see if it really happened or not. I could NOT put this book down and even stayed up all night just to finish it. You can tell he put a lot of research into this book, I strongly recommend this read! I now want to own a printed copy! He literally made this world and the characters come to life for me.

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