Eliza and Her Monsters


Eliza and Her Monsters

My Thoughts on……

  • Characters  ★★★★★

    Eliza Mirk is an introverted girl who lives her real life staying to herself, not talking at school, and drawing. When she is at home she is LadyConstellation the owner and creator of Monstrous Sea, the best web-comic ever, even selling comic books and merchandise and has made a lot of money off of her site. I absolutely love Eliza, the author made her so that anyone could relate to her, even if you, yourself aren’t introverted or suffer from anxiety.

    Wallace Warland is a fan-fiction writer for Monstrous Sea who when he meets Eliza thinks she is a fellow fan, not the creator. I LOVED him, he helped drag Eliza out of her shell just a little and didn’t push her.

  • Plot ★★★★★

    The story starts with Eliza Mirk, she is a complete introvert. She stays to herself and while she doesn’t talk to anyone she loves to draw. She is also part of an online community called the Monstrous Sea, although she is the Creator of it. She, as Lady Constellation, is completely different. This is where she opens up and is involved.  This web-comic she has created has made her successful and she loves the way her fans are so involved and invested in it. Unlike with family and school, she relishes the attention and the power she gets from her site. She actually adores her fans, and knows every single one of the major fan-fiction writers  even though she will not read the fan-fiction or the comments unless she is watching Dog Days with her fans and comments in the chat box. Its really the only time she interacts with her fans by writing commentary. During one of these one of her fan-fiction writers by the name rainmaker actually laughs and makes her laugh. His own popularity is second to only she herself.

    When she goes to school not long after this a new guy named Wallace Warland starts at his school, and its up to her to show him around the school. But he doesnt talk, and they basically ignore each other until one day she steps in when 2 of the schools bullies are picking on him about writing. Turns out as she befriends him and he forces his way into her life, writing notes to her in class, sitting with her at lunch. Their conversation all in writing, he almost never speaks. Slowly he drags her out of her shell, meeting her family, she meeting his family and friends, and she has a harder time even finding out he is the rainmaker and other personal things about him. She finds she cannot find a way to tell him who she really is. Until right before graduation when her parents let the “cat out of the bag” so to speak. And then everything changes.

    This is when the book really gets dark. Everyone finds out, and Wallace is PISSED and she stops being about to create her the comic she loves more than anything. She struggles with panic attacks, anxiety and even for a moment committing suicide.  This is a MUST READ.

  • Writing/ Pacing  ★★★★★

    I have never read anything by Francesca Zappia before now, her story wraps you up in all the layers she creates and leaves you all warm and fuzzy only to make you cry and move you and shows you a window into a life that you may or may know about but you understand it either way. I love the way she interlaces the online community and her own drawings in this book. Yes, the author herself has put HER OWN drawings in this book, all throughout it! It was amazing! It just added to the story.
    At first, I couldn’t relate to her cause frankly, I am all about spending time with family, I hate eggs, and I couldn’t draw to save my life. But the the online side of her I get. I am apart of a few different. One of which we write, we create. But its not really always fan-fiction its all things we imagine up and its our own. Anyways. The writing was on point and she didn’t go too fast and it didn’t drag. I could NOT put this gem down.


Why Should you Read/Not Read this Book?

This book was just WOW. Even though I am not someone who has ever had to battle with any kind of anxiety disorder and would not understand what she would go through from a first hand perspective, I have friends who have. This book was amazing, absolutely. It is such a realistic but dark view on this disorder and on depression. Which, honestly,  absolutely surprised me. I expected this book to be a light version of a girl who basically lives her life online and falls in love offline. With of course the twists and turns of being outed about her web-comic… I promise I was totally blown away with how amazing and how much more that went above my expectations so much so that I could NOT put this book down, and within 6 hours instead of sleeping for work, I read. This book has so many layers to it, not only does it talk about her anxiety but just in general how everything about her web-comic went from her love it to having to make everyone else happy. There were parts, like when she was outed and she had her fight with Wallace, and as she cried, I had something in my eye and they got teary.  >.> So should you run out and get this book from your local bookstore? Library? Online? Yes. Yes. Yes. It pulls at ALL of your feels and just blows you away.  I could read this time and time again and believe me I will be telling my friends who read to pick this book up. I seriously cannot rave enough about the plot, the characters, the writing, everything.

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