The holidays

These holidays have been CRAZY especially at work. So if your waiting on a review from me I promise it's coming, I just got a new Kindle this past weekend and will be reading to catch up! Annnd my net is back up so that will help also! And I already have a few Reviews… Continue reading The holidays

To Be Read Pulls

October Halloween TBR Re-Read

So now for my Halloween Pull this time around it will be a reread! Can you tell which monster it will be about from the Featured image? And my next pull is....... .......Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry I have actually read this series through half way book 3 and then put it down some… Continue reading October Halloween TBR Re-Read

To Be Read Pulls

Early to be read.. Part II

So second read since I am already starting Song of the Current and reviews for the last 3 reviews are coming between today and tomorrow. So here is part II out of IV ... And my second pick will be.... Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab! I adored the first book This Savage Song and I cant… Continue reading Early to be read.. Part II